Activision adds ‘Tracer Pack: Purple’ to Call of Duty

A few months ago, Call of Duty was altered in a slightly bizarre way. Activision had allowed for the bullet trails (or tracers) to be customised with specific colours. These colours are now making a second appearance in the “Tracer Packs” brought out recently.

Activision adds ‘Tracer Pack: Purple’ to Call of Duty
(Source: GamersRevolution)

You can buy the “Tracer Pack: Purple” in the item store now for 1600CP.

Purple Tracer

The new TRACER PACK: Purple is going to be very popular as the Grau 5.56 is one of the best weapons in Warzone with a lot of pro players using it as well as others. As for the MP7, many pros have been finding some of the best loadouts for this allowing you to destroy the warzone.

Purple Pack Grau

You can see above the attachments that are default with this weapon, but you can always change the attachments on the gun to your taste. This skin features a shiny purple gloss on the main body of the weapon, along with its oriental Japanese theme, making it a very simple, yet very beautiful Grau skin.

MP7 Purple

The MP7 has a slightly different look to it. Featuring a matte purple for some parts of the weapon, it also features a matt-black (with a somewhat rustic style) for the main body. Again, the MP7 has the oriental Japanese theme with some carbon fibre aspects. Still, a sexy gun never the less.

The game now includes five colours Red, Blue, Green, Pink and the new Purple tracers. To get these tracers in-game you will need to buy the Tracer pack for them, these all differ for price. Red, green and purple are 1600 Cod Points. The pink tracers are 1800 Cod Points. Finally, the Blue tracers are 2400 Cod Points.

You can find the Tracer Pack: RED (featuring the Scar 17 and M19) here.

You can find the Tracer Pack: GREEN (featuring the RAM-7 and 50.Gs) here.

You can find the Tracer Pack: Pink (Anime Style) (featuring the M4A4 and P90) here.

You can find the Nikto Pack (Blue Tracers) (featuring the Kilo 141 and M1911) here.

Let us know what you think to the purple tracer packs? Will you be using them in-game?