Warzone battle royal Duos added!!

After many requests duos has finally been added to warzone. This has been in long anticipation and has come as a surprise, this has been rumoured to have come in season 4 but this has been released early.

Warzone battle royal Duos added!!
(Source: Blizard)

Duos and XP

Have you ever only had one friend online and you don’t want to have a random player playing with you well now there is duos! I know that this is something that I have been requesting for  This will make the game have a maximum of 75 teams. This has been added early of season 4 so you can get your buddy in duos and have some games pre of the next season.

As well if you are in game you will notice that there is double XP for the battle pass, weapon and normal XP. This is on for the duration for this season plus 13 hours so we can get our level up at the start of the season so we can unlock some new blueprints faster.