Warzone battle royal Duos added!!

After many requests duos has finally been added to warzone. This has been in long anticipation and has come as a surprise, this has...


Activision adds ‘Tracer Pack: Purple’ to Call of Duty

A few months ago, Call of Duty was altered in a slightly bizarre way. Activision had allowed for the bullet trails (or tracers) to...


[Fixed] People panick over Battle.net Launcher not Opening!

No, it's not you - Battle.net seems to be having a problem logging in. Some people are also having issues opening the launcher - this...

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Olofmeister to take a break from Counter Strike

In a report from FaZe Clan, Olofmeister will be stepping down from the FaZe roster in the Counter-Strike scene for the foreseeable...


Some CoD Warzone Vaults can now be opened

With the new, slightly large update that happened on the 19th, Infinity Ward have added the ability to open some of the vaults and...

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G2 barley scrape a win over Heroics

G2 Barley Scape a Win over Heroics Well, we’re going to need new hearts after that game!